Dear Data Subject,

Cookies are small text files sent by the Revifys by Digidopt website to the Data Subject’s terminal (usually the browser), where they are stored and transmitted back to the site upon the User’s return visit. Cookies cannot retrieve data from the User’s hard drive, transmit computer viruses, or acquire email addresses. Each cookie is unique to the User’s web browser. The term ‘cookies’ in this document refers to both cookies and similar technologies. Cookies enable the recording of information related to preferences, such as pages visited or file downloads.


Cookies can be categorized as first-party or third-party:
– “First Party” cookies are developed by Revifys by Digidopt.
– “Third Party” cookies are developed by entities other than Revifys by Digidopt.


Different types of cookies exist:

Technical Cookies:
These cookies are used solely for “carrying out the transmission of communication over an electronic communications network, or to the extent strictly necessary for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide such service” (Article 122(1) of the Code). They are necessary for the proper functioning of the site and are typically installed directly by the website owner.

They include:
– Navigation or session cookies: Ensure normal navigation and use of the website.
– Analytics cookies: Collect aggregate information on site usage to improve performance.
– Functionality cookies: Allow Users to navigate based on selected criteria to improve service. Users’ consent is not required for these cookies.

Profiling Cookies:
These cookies create user profiles and are used to send advertising messages based on browsing preferences. Consent from the Data Subject is required for the use of profiling cookies.


Cookies have a lifespan determined by the expiration date or a specific action, such as closing the browser, set upon installation. They can be temporary (session cookies) or permanent (persistent cookies).


Users can manage cookies through browser settings or by using specialized software. They can disable or delete cookies, activate anonymous browsing mode, or configure browser settings to manage cookies.


By continuing to browse the Revifys by Digidopt website, closing the information wrapper, or interacting with the page, Users agree to the Cookie Policy, and cookies will be set and collected. If Users do not accept cookies, any previously registered cookies in their browser will not be read or used until the policy is accepted. Users can remove cookies at any time using the methods mentioned above.